Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Johnny Wright - Keep the Flag Flying

      Johnny Wright released another patriotic song during the Vietnam War era that boasts patriotism despite the loss of life associated with war.  "Keep the Flag Flying" reads:

On a battlefield in another land across the sea
My best pal and I were on patrol looking for the enemy
Then I heard the sound of the snipers shot that took him away
Just before he died kneeling by his side I heard him say

Keep the flag flying keep the young children smiling
Tell them how lucky they are to be free
Keep the flag flying keep freedom from dying
Keep the flag flying please do this for me

Now this battlefield is a lonesome place since he's gone
Though there's other boys walkin' by my side I still feel all alone
I will have to write a sad note tonight and I'll sign it differently

I'll have today from your only living son instead of brother and me.
Keep the flag flying please do this for me.

      Released in 1966, this song shows yet another country music offering supporting American patriotism.  The lyrics tug at the heartstrings with the loss of a comrade's life in battle (who also happens to be the narrator's brother), but the narrator knows that the sacrifice is for the greater good, to protect America and democracy from enemy threats. The message is clear: "Keep the flag flying" to protect American freedom.


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