Monday, November 24, 2014

Connie Francis - A Letter From a Soldier (Dear Mama)

     Connie Francis is best-known for her rendition of "Where the Boys Are," "Who's Sorry Now?," and "Stupid Cupid," typical pop hits from the mid-1960s.  But, Connie Francis was also a supporter of the U.S. Armed Forces during this same time period, a much less known fact.

     From another perspective, that of the lonely, homesick soldiers in Vietnam, Connie Francis emotionally narrates a letter from soldier to his mother back home.  Recorded in May 1966, "A Letter from a Soldier" allows for a human touch, reminding listeners that the soldiers are real people, not statistics, and not unemotional killers.

      Connie Francis not only recorded this song in support of the soldiers, but she also toured Vietnam with the USO several times over the course of the war.  Her website boasts letters from Vietnam-stationed soldiers whose lives she touched through her music, both recordings and concert tours.  She was quoted as saying the USO tours in Vietnam were "my most rewarding experience" proving that she was touched by these soldiers as much as they were moved by her music. The letters can be read here Connie Francis' webpage.  It is amazing to see how she touched so many lives through her music.

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  1. I found the lyric so moving that i wanted to print the lyric but i couldnt find it ...Do you have it ??i would really appreciate that ..thanks a bunch!!